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some tidbits

image heavy lol not
but i don't want to make my front page crowded lol
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  1. 2011/10/22(土) 06:16:41|
  2. Hetalia
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one tenth of grilled salmon

Finally, I managed to continued it!! /dead

i know, he's just saving him from falling, but i love drawing dramatic and epic cloth movements--okay maybe it's not too epic. but too dramatic? yes orz

while i'm on it, lemme share a crack.

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  1. 2011/10/09(日) 06:00:11|
  2. Ouendan
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AU strip 02

nothing much, just the second one comin'~

  1. 2011/08/16(火) 11:31:17|
  2. Ouendan
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can I start an AU comic strip series?

since this idea is bugging me, so let's see if I can keep this up. Otherwise, I'll just post a draft like I did with the last Christmas strip lol

and if you want to read the tentative synopsis and some tidbits, you are welcome to
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  1. 2011/08/14(日) 10:11:40|
  2. Ouendan
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here's something

i'll update with the sexy one in deviantART. right now that website won't open for me : |

okay here's the sexy one
  1. 2011/07/17(日) 14:40:11|
  2. Ouendan
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